1. Kate spade mobile (part 1)

    Kate Spade is quite possibly the greatest fashion designer in the world. Absolutely. In. Love. Which is why I frequent her website quite a bit, and was a little shocked when I met the mobile version of her. Not very nice. Which is why I just had to do a redesign. Of course this would have been better with the proper research and some actual persona’s but hey, if Kate likes this direction, we’ll do some research together. For now, I’m hoping my focus group of one is good enough.

    When I first started this project, I was all set to make the ui all about ease of buying the fabulously designed everything that is Kate Spade and fit neatly on mobile. Working on understanding why women visit mobility, I realized, it really wasn’t about buying. The challenge with taking this brand to mobile was the volume of information to represent and doing it in a way that made it easy and fun to window shop.

    I sketched many variations of icons including, wish-list, search, locations, shopping bag and sign in. One where they were all on one top nav bar, another with the icons spread out between two rows shown in image E below:

    In those sketches, I reasoned that the sign in should be there instead of the wish-list icon because one would have to sign in to get there, and not being signed in would make the icon redundant. More thinking revealed that apart from making a purchase, the wish-list functionality was integral to being “signed in” if not the only reason for entering your username and password. In light of this, I pulled the star to the front and pushed the sign in button to behind the ‘more’ icon.

    I distilled the core functions of the mobile site to browsing via searching and being able to save favourites to a wish list. The other functions are still accessible behind the 3 lined more, they are just not as prominent.

    The app really centers around the search function, since people coming to the site want to look around at what is new, the sales or at a particular category (shoes, bags, clothing etc..) As the user types in what they are after, categories and item types appear directly under the search bar hopefully guessing what they user is looking for.

    Once a selection is made, they are taken to a screen that has a 2 column grid of images with the option to wish-list it or add to cart. If the user would like more information, they would click through. Also available here is the ability to filter via drop downs by category and subcategories (ie, under the category Handbags, a subcategory would be satchel)

    More wireframes and actual UI coming soon…